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MS Viewpoint

MS Viewpoint is a production/post production company founded in 1988 by Marios Stylianou in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The company specializes in the creation of TV Commercials, Corporate Videos and Digital Content.  


With over 35 years of expertise and over one thousand productions for the most important institutions and organisations in Cyprus,

MS Viewpoint remains one of the most respected production companies on the island. Some of our TV Commercials for the Cyprus TV have also been broadcasted in Greece, Lebanon, UAE, Russia, Malta, Germany and other European countries. Among these commercials, seven TV advertisements were selected for the final stage of the London International Advertising Awards, and three others were among the finalists at the ERMIS Awards in Greece.


Marios Stylianou was born in 1962 in Cyprus in the now-occupied city of Famagusta. Son of the renowned photographer, Nicos Stylianou, Marios grew up in a photographic environment, inspired on a daily basis by the art of Photography. As a result, he studied Photography and Cinema in the “University of Applied Sciences” in Cologne - Germany and completed his studies with a thesis on the creation of TV commercials.


Throughout his career as a Producer, Director and Cinematographer of Commercials, he has also taught Photography and Video Production

in Europa College, Cyprus College and Intercollege. Since 2012, he has been giving lectures at the University of Nicosia, where he teaches  

“The Production of TV Commercials” in the Design and Multimedia Department as well as “Digital Cinematography” in the Communications Department of the same University.


MS Viewpoint represents the renowned music library Sonoton exclusively in Cyprus. Further, in 2015, Marios joined the Artistic Committee of the Cyprus Film Days International Festival and in 2017 he became a member of the

European Film Academy. Lastly, in 2019, he was elected as the Secretary of the Directors Guild of Cyprus 


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